and all its dark places

And All Its Dark Places is a completed work of upmarket women’s fiction, set in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dark Places follows three women as they journey along three very different — but very entangled — paths through personal tragedy.

May Chang is on the edge of graduating from Berkeley, and she and her longtime boyfriend seem poised for global dominance. But May has long feared that the polished porcelain veneer they’ve been presenting to the world might crack at any minute. When, during finals week, she finds said boyfriend dead alongside a very pointed suicide note, May is not only without boyfriend or porcelain, she’s friendless, guilt-shredded, and unmoored.

Charlie Andersen is in much better shape, at least she thinks so. Mid-thirties and an executive at an exclusive San Francisco ad agency, Charlie has everything under control. Sure, her life is spare — her office sanitized, her workouts grueling, her relationships short-lived and mostly sexual — but that’s the way she likes it. Her mother is her best and, really, only friend. Charlie’s neatly compartmentalized life is blown open, though, when an aggressive tumor takes root in her mother’s brain.

Joy Wong is a 55-year-old artist on the run. She is in self-imposed exile, working tirelessly on her art, on her self-reliance, and most of all, on avoiding a lifetime’s worth of bad memories. Whether it’s the abusive late husband, the estranged daughter, or the newborn son she secretly abandoned at an emergency room, Joy’s past is persistent in its haunting of her. Joy finds that if she’s ever going come into her own as an artist and as a woman, she can’t keep running.

From sledgehammers to a string of one-nighters to imaginary dinosaur cakes, these women have their own approaches to grief. But what they need more than anything is each other.

I am seeking literary representation for Dark Places.

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