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the princess rehabilitation project

So, the small one is nigh on three-and-a-half, and while this translates to all manner of amazingness from early reading to self-dressing, it also happens to translate to an all-consuming obsession with princesses. It started innocently enough. Last year, one of her best friends introduced her to the concept of 公主頭髮 (gong zhu tou fa), or “princess hair.”  Gong zhu… Read more →

tea for two

Each year on our children’s birthdays, my husband and I compose letters to mark the passing of another milestone. We plan to share these with our children when they’re grown. Below is the letter I wrote to my daughter last week, the day before she turned two, followed by some images from a very DIY tea party we threw in… Read more →

the new life of old things

What exactly is it about the upcycle that tickles at the brainstem? Is it the packrat dumpster diver in me — the product of Chinese immigrants who snatched copious amounts of wet wipes and ketchup packets from every fast food joint we walked into — getting a high off of insane thrift store deals? Maybe it’s the cloth-diapering mama, clutching… Read more →

The New New Year

My house is this tidy exactly once a year, and that is Chinese New Year. The rest of you can reflect on the shuttling to and fro of fortunes and spirits in the fibers of your mops and brooms and swiffers, and I’ll be thinking more on the order of petrified play doh, dog fur, and snacks in various stages… Read more →

Happy New Year

Laden with gift cards and the lasting effects of time-release holiday cheer, I made my way this afternoon to the Ye Olde Village of Mass Consumerism which is Emeryville, CA. It should have been sweet with like a ten-pixel border of ironypessimism to see my fellow shoppers in that fleeting state of being, that state which causes a traffic spike… Read more →

and suddenly, i’m somebody

Because in my first semester of graduate school, a writer — a published writer! — made it known that nowadays, “If you’re not online, you don’t exist.” I’m kind of keen on the whole existence concept, so here I am. Online. And on account of the miracle that is wordpress, with a simple click of the publish button, I get to… Read more →