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the crabby bag + giveaway

So, you’re at Thrift Town, where you’re presumably looking for tiny roll-top desks for your tiny children, but instead you find yourself rifling through extra-large men’s swimwear, and you come across a $3 pair of highly orange trunks. And, sure, one thing you might think is, “Why am I looking at men’s swimwear rather than at tiny roll-top desks, and… Read more →

kid gloves

So, maybe you’re planning ahead, looking down the road a few months at the birthdays of the children in your life. Or maybe, like some who would prefer not to be named, you’ve got a play date scheduled tomorrow morning and you’ve just realized that your son’s buddy is turning five — is in fact turning five *as we speak* —… Read more →

tea for two

Each year on our children’s birthdays, my husband and I compose letters to mark the passing of another milestone. We plan to share these with our children when they’re grown. Below is the letter I wrote to my daughter last week, the day before she turned two, followed by some images from a very DIY tea party we threw in… Read more →

the new life of old things

What exactly is it about the upcycle that tickles at the brainstem? Is it the packrat dumpster diver in me — the product of Chinese immigrants who snatched copious amounts of wet wipes and ketchup packets from every fast food joint we walked into — getting a high off of insane thrift store deals? Maybe it’s the cloth-diapering mama, clutching… Read more →

raw edge

My parents recently visited to celebrate my son’s fourth birthday, and upon arrival, my mother unloaded bags and bags of sundries. There were the requisite colorfully wrapped additions to Mt. Birthday — a geological phenomenon accruing mass in our living room — along with such items as travel packs of tissue, travel shaving kits, travel hairbrushes, large sheets of nori,… Read more →